Duncan’s Mixtape (Seven Versions of a Song)

Prizes for whoever can tell me where this wall is.

Hi guys,

Duncan here, founder of the LSA and one half of Seven Versions of A Song. You might be wondering why we have an online presence at all, beyond just as a reminder of when shows are happening. The answer is simple:

You are the reason we are putting on plays.

If you’d like to buy us a coffee or a pint, go for it. Failing that, this is how we have chats. Tell us what you think, what you liked, what you didn’t, how your life’s going, your feelings on the recapitalisation of Anglo, whatever. To kickstart a conversation we’re going to put up extra stuff that pertains to the things we make. So here’s a good old fashioned mixtape:

Duncan’s Youtube Mixtape

I’ve been rehearsing Seven Versions of a Song for a little over a month at this stage, and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve been working on ideas with Cathy and the band in Daghdha and drinking coffee/writing at home and a lot of it has involved of listening to music. The piece is a duet about two sides of a relationship, through dance and talking, and we’ll have our own score but there’s other music that has inspired ideas, or brought up memories, or been lashed on in the background to dance to. In no particular order here are my Seven Songs:

Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill
Beirut – Scenic World
Sufjan Stevens – The Dress looks nice on you
3epkano – Lullaby for Isobel
Chemical Brothers – Close your Eyes
Waterboys – Fishermans Blues
TV on the Radio – Wolf like me

Like This!

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About Duncan

Duncan Molloy is a theatre writer & director, he is also a freelance producer, graphic designer, sound designer and AV technician. There’s very little he won’t do in the service of telling stories. He has worked with Tall Tales, the Performance Corporation, Fishamble, thisispopbaby, Painted Filly, the Belltable in Limerick, the GBS Theatre in Carlow and Project in Dublin under various guises. He runs the LSA, a live storytelling collective.

One thought on “Duncan’s Mixtape (Seven Versions of a Song)

  1. So nice to find you on here Duncan. I saw your performance last night. If it can be called a performance. It felt like a glimpse into the soul of you two and a sharing of mine with you in some way.

    I cried,felt the joy,the diaphragmatic tingle and the excitement of seeing on stage the humanity I feel and often get knotted up in and tossed about by, expressed with clarity and humility and humanity on a stage before my eyes.
    It made me want to show my ‘stuff’ out there too.

    I was going to go up and say hello in person but was too shy, or something. In some ways the experience had such an intimacy for me that I didn’t want to shatter that by flushing or babbling at you in an attempt to express myself.

    I stumbled across a film the other day, ‘Happythankyoumoreplease’ . If you get a chance to watch it, do. It’s all about this kind of stuff and the realisation that in acting,in ‘speaking’,in saying how we feel, no matter how scary,we risk so much and gain the chance for happiness. And in gratitude we foster a willingness to the universe to give us more.


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