Irish Theatre Magazine had some nice things to say about us of late.

Seven Versions of a Song was produced by The LSA, a Limerick-based collective dedicated to telling stories “to remind everyone how great life is”. That was to the fore in its other piece at the festival, Storybook, which was both heartbreaking and life-affirming. It was narrated by Duncan Molloy to an original score, written and performed live by Luke McGuire. The most innovative aspect of the design was the live illustration by James Tuomey, drawing on acetate sheets on a projector. The audience audibly reacted to the illustrations, like a live-action comic book.”

“In one striking image, Walsh clings and moves over Molloy’s body, as they blend into one; in another sequence she supports his weight as he rests against her. Later, he leans on her and she moves, allowing him to fall: the simple movements express complex emotion and compress a relationship history into images.”

More details here and here.

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About The LSA

The LSA is dedicated to telling stories about people’s lives, real and imagined, to remind everyone how great life is. It promises never to inspire despair, but only sadness and joy and faith and hope. It believes in the importance of connection and community and sweat and electricity, so by and large it prefers to do things live. It hopes that together we can soothe our souls.

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