The Nightingale

We will be testing ideas for a new show based on the stories of Hans Christian Andersen at the Belltable on May 25th & 26th as part of SCRATCH. Duncan will be reading with new music by Great in Small Doses.

Tickets are €5 and available on the door or through the Belltable website.

Great in Small Doses – The Bright Idea/The Pretty Mystery

"And Death was sitting on his chest." Illustration from The Nightingale by Edmund Dulac



Storybook and Seven Versions of a Song will be making their triumphant returns, swathed in glory at this year’s Unfringed festival in Limerick city.

Tickets for both shows are €10 and are available from the Belltable box-office on 061 319866.


"Sweeping the snow away he found a small gold key."

We’re taking the format of STORYBOOK, originally developed as part of Project Brand New, and taken through the Electric Picnic & Fortheloveof LIVE, and telling some completely new stories. We’ve also got a new live score composed and performed by the inimitable Luke McGuire.

Described as “beautiful”, “real delicate” and “a just celebration of life (x2)”, STORYBOOK is an evening of storytelling for adults. It features a live music from Luke McGuire, live illustration from James Tuomey and storytelling from Duncan Molloy.

Put it in your diary:
Wednesday, January 26th at 9.15pm in the Belltable, 69 O’Connell Street.
Thursday, January  27th at 7pm in Red Cross Hall, Cecil Street.
Saturday, January 29th at 2pm in Red Cross Hall, Cecil Street.


Dancing is good for the soul.

Following its premiere as a work in Progress at Daghdha last year, and a very quick tour to Belfast, SEVEN VERSIONS OF A SONG has been refined, rejigged, and relaxed. It is ready to once more warm/break your heart. A song and a dance about love with words by Duncan Molloy, movement by Cathy Walsh and music by Ger O’Donnell and Jean Wallace, it’s part of the Limerick Dance Triple Bill.

Saturday, January 29th & Sunday, January 30th at 5pm in Red Cross Hall, Cecil Street.

There’s lots of other great stuff on, the full programme can be found at .
Hope to see you there.

Duncan’s Mixtape (Seven Versions of a Song)

Prizes for whoever can tell me where this wall is.

Hi guys,

Duncan here, founder of the LSA and one half of Seven Versions of A Song. You might be wondering why we have an online presence at all, beyond just as a reminder of when shows are happening. The answer is simple:

You are the reason we are putting on plays.

If you’d like to buy us a coffee or a pint, go for it. Failing that, this is how we have chats. Tell us what you think, what you liked, what you didn’t, how your life’s going, your feelings on the recapitalisation of Anglo, whatever. To kickstart a conversation we’re going to put up extra stuff that pertains to the things we make. So here’s a good old fashioned mixtape:

Duncan’s Youtube Mixtape

I’ve been rehearsing Seven Versions of a Song for a little over a month at this stage, and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve been working on ideas with Cathy and the band in Daghdha and drinking coffee/writing at home and a lot of it has involved of listening to music. The piece is a duet about two sides of a relationship, through dance and talking, and we’ll have our own score but there’s other music that has inspired ideas, or brought up memories, or been lashed on in the background to dance to. In no particular order here are my Seven Songs:

Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill
Beirut – Scenic World
Sufjan Stevens – The Dress looks nice on you
3epkano – Lullaby for Isobel
Chemical Brothers – Close your Eyes
Waterboys – Fishermans Blues
TV on the Radio – Wolf like me

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Seven Versions of a Song

Cathy Walsh & Duncan Molloy in Seven Versions of a Song

Those who are afeared we look too serious, fear not! There will be singing and dancing.

UPDATE: Seven Versions of a Song will be coming to Belfast’s Blackbox Theatre on Thursday the 25th & Friday the 26th of November at 1pm for a mere £3.

Love is like mercury; it shines and it burns and you can measure your health by it.

Some of us say things with our bodies; some with our words. Sometimes what you think about something is very different to how you act. There are two sides to every love story. Memories and feelings in words and movement by Cathy Walsh and Duncan Molloy.

I’m this close to you. I love you.
I’m still not sure you understand how I feel.
I can’t make you understand what I mean. But here goes.


Storybook Influences: Kid Eternity

There were a huge number of influences on Storybook but Kid Eternity is definitely one of the more obscure ones. Here’s a complete story from Kid Eternity #1, first published in 1946. Click through to view the images in full size.

Please note that the views expressed by Kid Eternity do not necessarily reflect those of the LSA.

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James during the FTLO production in Filmbase

Ever dream of a life of Romantic Adventure? We offer you our Storybook.

Since appearances last year in Project Brand New and Fortheloveof, Storybook makes its long overdue return at this year’s Electric Picnic. Inspired by a combined love of theatre, comics, adventures and honesty, James Tuomey and Duncan Molloy have created a live experience like no other.

Described as “beautiful”, “real delicate” and “a just celebration of life (x2)”, this is the show that inspired the formation of the LSA. Those of you who missed it on the first two occasions now have a chance to see what the fuss was about, before we take it and shape it into something new.

GASP at dramatic revelations and shocking twists!
MARVEL at the events that shaped the people around you!
CRY at the sad bits and some of the nice bits!

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