James during the FTLO production in Filmbase

Ever dream of a life of Romantic Adventure? We offer you our Storybook.

Since appearances last year in Project Brand New and Fortheloveof, Storybook makes its long overdue return at this year’s Electric Picnic. Inspired by a combined love of theatre, comics, adventures and honesty, James Tuomey and Duncan Molloy have created a live experience like no other.

Described as “beautiful”, “real delicate” and “a just celebration of life (x2)”, this is the show that inspired the formation of the LSA. Those of you who missed it on the first two occasions now have a chance to see what the fuss was about, before we take it and shape it into something new.

GASP at dramatic revelations and shocking twists!
MARVEL at the events that shaped the people around you!
CRY at the sad bits and some of the nice bits!

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